Question: Is Sofia Richie dating someone new?

Sofia Richie has a new man in her life. A source tells ET that the 22-year-old model is dating Elliot Grainge, a music executive. Its very nice for Sofia to date someone who her family approves of and likes. Sofia and Elliot are happy together and having fun, the source adds.

Who is Sofia Richie seeing now?

Sofia Richie and Elliot Grainge Are Instagram Official: 5 Things to Know. “They started out as friends before they became a couple, and are now getting serious,” the insider says. “Their relationship took off and they have been getting closer and closer and spend practically every day together.”

Who is Sofia Richie in a relationship with?

Elliot Grainge As of April 2021, Richie has been in a relationship with music executive Elliot Grainge, the son of Lucian Grainge, the chairman and CEO of Universal Music Group.

Does Hugo like Sofia?

In Lord of the Rink, Hugo returned the favor by helping Sofia with her ice-dancing. In the process, they show affection and undeniable loyalty to each other.

Is Call Her Daddy leaving barstool 2021?

“Call Her Daddy,” one of the worlds most popular podcasts, is leaving Barstool Sports for an exclusive deal with the streaming service starting on July 21.

Does Scott Mccall get a new girlfriend?

In the second half of Season 6, Scott developed a romantic relationship with his longtime friend and born Werecoyote Malia Tate. As of the end of the series, which is a flashforward to two years in the future, Scott and Malia have remained each others romantic partners.

Who is Sofia the first crush?

Crackle. Crackle is the pet pygmy dragon of Sofias best princess friend, Vivian. Crackle has a friendship with Sofia beyond Vivian, as she has a crush on Clover.

Does barstool still own Call Her Daddy?

Barstool May Have Lost The Podcast, But It Will Stay In Business With Call Her Daddy. Alex Cooper may have signed a three-year exclusive distribution deal with Spotify, but the Call Her Daddy host remains in business with Barstool Sports.

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